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Jon Faulder

Business Operations Manager & Licensed Real Estate Agent

Elevating Real Estate Operations to Unprecedented Excellence

As a seasoned Operations Manager with an unwavering focus on real estate, Jon brings a wealth of experience to streamline processes, optimize property management, and catalyze sales growth. With a successful track record spanning 13+ years, Jon specializes in orchestrating the perfect synergy between property management and sales teams.

Skilled in project management, team leadership, and strategic planning, Jon has consistently delivered exceptional results by aligning operations with organizational goals. His expertise in real estate operations, combined with strong communication and interpersonal abilities, allows him to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams, stakeholders, and clients to ensure seamless property management and exceptional customer experiences.

Jons forte lies in transforming challenges into opportunities by consistently championing cross-functional collaboration, fostering a harmonious partnership between property management and sales that drives enhanced operational efficiency and unparalleled client satisfaction. Strategic acumen paired with data-driven insights, empowers Jon to identify avenues for process refinement, cost containment, and revenue augmentation.

Jon is a staunch advocate for leveraging market trends and customer dynamics to craft innovative campaign strategies. This ensures that properties under his purview not only yield optimal returns but also cultivate lasting relationships. With an ability to harness the latest technological solutions which further amplifies the operational prowess, making every endeavor a well-informed success.

As an influential, senior figure and Operations Manager, Jon's drive for excellence and his ability to deliver exceptional service makes him a valued and widely sought after advisor amongst the team at Ray White TMG and greater Ray White community.